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WYCC 2009 R03: The Events Getting Exciting
Although there were not that many surprises there were some upsets in the third round of World Youth Chess Championship 2009. The results are available in the links above and for the games of upper boards in each age category you can use the “Live Games” link on the left.


The first board struggles of U-18 general and girls category

In the U-18 girls category the 2007 and 2008 European Champion WIM Kübra Öztürk (2177) won her game against WFM Klaudia Kulon (2233) of Poland to advance to the first board tomorrow. In the U-18 general category IM Mustafa Yilmaz won a fine attacking game against his Colombian opponent David Arenas (2333) in the poisoned pawn variation of Sicilian Najdorf Defense.


Using ear-muffs to concentrate more on her game

In the U-16 category on the first board the first seed IM Nils Grandelius (2540) lost to the Indian player Aditya Udeshi (2330) with the black pieces. Also in the same category on the third board the IM from Netherlands, Robin Van Kampen (2470) lost with the white pieces to the French Christophe Sochacki (2319). The local talents competing in this category FM Burak Firat and Onur Gör continue the tournament without any loss (2.5 out of 3).



The next Ponomariov!

In the U-12 category the local youngster CM Vahap Sanal (2093) beat his Russian opponent Maksim Vavulin (2002) and will face Suri Vaibhav (2344) of India in the first board tomorrow. Other names of the host country that continue without any defeat are Batuhan Dastan and the 2008 European Champion Cemil Can Ali Marandi.


GM Yussupow analyzing the games of his German students after the third round

In the U-10 girls category Tetyana Aleksandrova of Ukraine is the big surprise of this age group in which she continues with a flawless score although she started the tournament without an international rating in the 26th place.


She is definitely one of the most colorful in the tournament hall.

In the other age groups the other favorites won their games as expected. The fourth round starts at 15.00 pm tomorrow. You can watch a total of 60 games from all the categories live from the virtual stadiums of Turkish Chess Federation.


The Austria girls team going to the tournament hall for their third round games.


“Is he going to drink all of it by himself?”

 Turkish Chess Federation 2009