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WYCC 2009 R04: Fourth Day Finished

The fourth round of World Youth Chess Championship which has been organized for the second time in Turkey finished with some interesting results and games. You can find the official results on the links above.
Limra Hotel in Kemer, Antalya accommodates 1324 chess players from 90 countries and with all the accompanying persons, VIPs, staff of TCF, journalists, coaches etc. this number exceeds 2400 people. The official hotel which resembles a little olympiad village with all the different cultures from around the world livens up with the arrival of delegations and provides a wonderful atmosphere for friendship and sharing. Despite only 5 days have passed since the beginning of the tournament, all of our guests seem to adjust excellently to the “olympiad village” and enjoy chess, the sun and the beach and the beautiful scenery in Antalya, Turkey.


Chess Village

The important results and the major upsets of this round can be found below:

In the U-18 category on the first board the Spanish GM Lopez Ivan Salgado drew his game with the Georgian IM David Benidze and on the second board the tense struggle finished in favor of the player of white pieces; FM Nikolay Shukh. The talented player IM Mustafa Yilmaz beat his opponent on the black side of a Sicilian Najdorf Defense this time. He is going to play in the fifth round tomorrow with FM Nikolay Shukh who also has 4 points like him.


"I need energy to win"

In the U-18 girls category the first board struggle saw the first seed Russian Anastasia Savina win and continue with the perfect score.

In the U-16 general category the fight of equal forces ended in a draw. The local players competing in this category Burak Firat and Onur Gor both lost their matches and enter the fifth round with 2,5 points each. Meanwhile the first seed IM Nils Grandelius won his match today not to break off from the top. In the U-16 girls category the players of the white pieces on the first three boards WIM Cori, Papp and WIM Arabidze got decisive results to go into the fifth round with perfect scores.


                                                                    South African Team after the Interview

In the U-14 general category Hovhannes Gabuzyan from Armenia and Lars Rindlisbacher from Switzerland are the only two players still unbeaten. In the girls category since the first three boards all ended drawn, there is no one left with a perfect score.


                                                                                     Children are the same everywhere

In the U-12 category the player of white pieces who started the tournament on the 22nd place beat his Indian opponent FM Koushik Girish to continue to surprise us. The local player Batuhan Dastan who beat the Israeli player Nitzan Steinberg in this round reached a little closer to the top boards and the other local player Cemil Can Ali Marandi who holds the title of 2008 European Champion gained another point to reach 3,5 out of 4.

In the U-10 category there were upsets in the first 3 boards. The favorites all lost their games unexpectedly.


You can watch the live games in Aspendos 3





Tomorrow the championship continues with 2 rounds. The fifth round starts at 10.00 a.m. in the morning.
 Turkish Chess Federation 2009