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WYCC 2009 R05: The Impressions from Day 5
The first round of today, officially the fifth round of the event started at 10.00 a.m. in the morning. Although most of the upper boards saw draws generally because of equal opposition, still there were some surprises and upsets. You can find the results and the top board games from the links on the official tournament site. Here is a brief summary of the major events of this round:


In the U-18 general category the local hero who advances fast in the way to the GM title, IM Mustafa Yılmaz drew with FM Nikolay Shukh on the first board to enter the 6th round on the first place in the standings. The first and second seeds of the category won their matches to continue their struggle for the 1st place.


A tiger accompanies the lady in her quest on the chess board.

In the U-18 girls category the first seed Russian player Anastasia Savina got another point to go into the 6th round with a perfect score. The young European Champion of the host country WIM Kubra Ozturk beat her opponent to advance to the 6th round on the sixth place on the standings.


 A fanatical chess player from Australia


In the U-16 general category on the first board the struggle of the two strong Indian players resulted in a win for IM Santosh Gujrathi Vidit. Hence IM Vidit will be the only player left with the perfect score in this category. The home country’s representative in this group, Burak Firat who recently got an IM norm in the 2009 International Acropolis Tournament earned another point to reach 3.5 out of 5.


In the U-16 girls it was all blacks who made the final moves of the first three boards. These results made the Peruvian WIM Deysi Cori and the Georgian WIM Meri Arabidze to be left with the perfect score. The WIM Lisa Schut follows the leaders with 4.5 points on the third place.


"Hımmm, I guess I should protect my king"

In the U-12 category the games on the first two boards ended in a draw which makes four players go into next round with 4.5 points. One of these players is Batuhan Dastan of the home country.  As a coincidence the games on the first two boards of U-12 girls also ended as draws and so the first 6 players on the standings have 4.5 points each.


The biggest surprise of the tournament is Zhansaya Abdumalik from Kazakhstan in the U-10 general category who continued her winning streak in this round to rise to the first place in the standings from the 32nd place she started the tournament. She is followed by 4 players with 4.5 points.


The first two boards are invaded by the Indian players in the U-16

In the U-10 girls category the third board struggle between Anna Xingliang Wang and Kexin Liu resulted in a win for the English player Wang and she rose to the third place in her group in which she started in the 79th place.


Taking hints from Kasparov!

Another surprise of the championship occurred in the U-8 general category in which the first seed CM Jorian Jored Acosta Cubides fell down to the 40th place after the half point he gathered in this round. The second seed of this group the Iranian Aryan Gholami holds the first position with 5 points.


General Coordinator of the WYCC - Tahsin Aktar
" Everything goes as planned"

 Turkish Chess Federation 2009